Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Third piece finished: a traditionally upholstered sprung dining chair, complete with retro yellow floral fabric, all the different layers and processes to get to this final look are documented at www.facebook.com/laurasattic
I am really pleased with my fabric choice, the colour brightens the chair and the pattern matches the lovely little floral shapes carved on the back. I'm so glad this chair was saved from being thrown away, and it just goes to show that everything has life left in it - Now she just needs a good home!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Serious Stripping

Victorian Balloon Back chair with traditionally upholstered stitched and stuffed seat.
The next piece on my course was a bit more challenging, a stitched and stuffed seat. Because the seat is part of the chair (unlike the drop-in seat which was separate) I had to treat the wood first. See the step-by step pictures in my album on facebook. The wood underneath the old thick Marmite-like layer of varnish was beautiful and came up a treat when stripped and re-polished with several layers of shellac and wax. 
 I used a cream and silver woven fabric for the top cover, which is tres glam! I just need to find an equally glam trim to cover the tacks now.

Turn On, Tune In and Drop In Seat

Drop - In Seat Dining chair, Traditionally upholstered
The first piece completed on my course was a Drop-In seat, traditionally upholstered using animal hair. See the full step by step pictures in my Photo album on my facebook page. I plan to strip the wood and re-polish with a dark shellac, to match the black in the fabric, giving the chair quite an oriental feel. The chair is one of 4, so I've got quite a lot of work still to do! But its definitely worth it, the finished seats look lovely and will last for a lifetime.