Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chairs, Bears and Big Mountains

So things in the Attic got quite hectic for a couple of months on the run up to our holiday, if you've been following the facebook page you would have seen the Before & Afters highlights of a few larger projects we took on.
Eventually after several weeks of manic upholstering, it was time for the HOLIDAY! (First one for a couple of years, hence the excitement) We were off to Calgary in Alberta, Canada to visit an old friend who has moved out there for work.
As the holiday was going to be for at least 3 weeks, I didn't think I could leave the world of twitter/facebook/instagram alone for all that time - especially as I have so many lovely followers who like to know what the news from the Attic is. (Plus its true, I am addicted) So I came up with the brief of 'A Chair a Day' to give me an easy way to document the journey, the sights and the activities.
Here are some of the highlights:
We're off! Happy about the tv screens in each seat.

Designer Seat

Meat seat

the best seat in the house

hot seat

Busman's holiday seat

Mid-Century Seat

Bear Chair

Park bench

Saddle (sore) seat

Car seat 

lakeside seat

Rocking chair

Weavers' seat

river seat

lazy hammock seat

The first week we spent exploring Calgary, and surrounding areas, Inglewood,  Drumheller (good for dinosaurs) Banff (good for bison burgers) and then we went off on a road trip. From Calgary, up to Jasper, Mount Robson, down to Clearwater , Kamloops, Kelowna, then along the US border to Nelson and Kootenay Lake. Up to Whiteswan Lake, then back down to Fernie and the Crowsnest Pass, then back up to Black Diamond and Calgary.
I'd have to write a small guidebook to detail all the wonderful things we did, the awesome sights and the really cool people we met. But briefly it included 4 bears, 3 moose, 2 golden eagles, 1 ferry, 6 waterfalls, lots of amazing artisans (particularly Barefoot Handweaving Studio ), too many burgers, (if you live in Calgary check out the Fine Diner in Inglewood) Half a million glass bottles at Boswell, 2 brilliant hosts and 1 trip to Accident and Emergency. Thanks Canada, you were amazing.

Really happy to be home, enjoying the sunshine and the rain. Back in the studio, working on my next projects and looking forward to the next holiday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sophie's Project

the cabinet after refurbing - so cute!
Oliver Bonas version

The chair it was made to match

A very pleased Sophie with her own handiwork
For a few weeks in February I was lucky enough to have some assistance from the talented Sophie Donaldson, (former fashion marketing student and future high flying lawer)  Those of you who came to the Pop-Up Shop might have seen her whooshing around with cakes and a clipboard. She helped me with my marketing, and in return I offered to help her with some furniture renovating.  We found a little dressing table in a second hand shop in Mold and Sophie decided to take some inspiration from Oliver Bonas and paint the front of the draws in different colours. For Christmas Sophie was given my Country Cottage floral bedroom chair as a gift and so she selected the colours from the greens in the print.  The pewter finish handles came from an online hardware shop and although cost more than the dresser itself, we thought they really made it!

I love helping others in their design decisions, if you have a project you need some help on, drop me a line at


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chaise Longue

the chaise before refurb

the frame after stripping down

rebuilding in process

Ta Dah! the finished piece complete with matching cushion and footstool
In between other smaller jobs and things like the pop-up-shop, I have been working on this large chaise. It required a lot of attention, and was given some serious TLC to bring it back to life - but I think its done the trick...just look at her now! Resplendent in bright pink and red with lime green piped trim to make it pop. Complete with bolster cushion to match and she's good to go.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pop Up Shop - Popped!

Sophie Tilley gave me this lovely card to say 'Thanks'
Laura in a floral camouflage! 

Lora Wyn's beautiful enamel peices
Tilley Dolls

Mum's gingerbread hearts
Jen from Loglike with customers

creative cyanotypes from The Way To Blue
Loglike's Modern Welsh Lovespoon. 

Jenny Murray explaining her Ceramic making process
Crochet heart by Ann Blundell
The POP UP SHOP happened and it was amazing! 
A ton of effort went into the planning and organisation, but we can safely say it was well worth it.
I designed the flyers and had them printed by the wonderful Daydream Designs,  made gift bags  (which included hand-made mini bunting!) cakes, biscuits and tea and coffee were sorted, window display done, online adverts, e-mailouts and postal mailouts, workshops organised, booking stallholders, and of course, a LOT of hoovering and tidying my chaotic workshop, I was ready to open to the public. We had a fantastic turnout, and the stall holders all did really well. There was an excited buzz in the air all day, (mainly fuelled by mini cupcakes and pink lemonade!)

The planning has begun for POP UP SHOP II, but if it doesn't happen we've always got Helfa Gelf // Art Trail on in September. 

In case you missed the past post, the artists at the POP UP SHOP were:
Emily Birch (Thanks to Emily for the photos from the day: click here for the whole set)

Thanks to everyone who came and supported Laura's Attic, and the fab artists who took part. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gift Bags!

Breaking Pop-Up Shop news...these little beauties will be yours as a thank you from Laura's Attic for attending the event tomorrow!  Filled with perfect presents for yourself or your Valentine - get here quickly before they all go!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pop-Up Shop

Saturday 9th February is a date for your diary! From 10am until 4pm we will be hosting a pop-up shop brimming with unique handmade loveliness from Laura's Attic and other local designers and craftspeople showcasing their work which includes ceramics, woodwork, knitted items and jewellery.  With Valentine's Day in mind, there will be drinks and nibbles available made with love and everyone will leave with a gift bag of goodies from Laura's Attic.

The other local designers attending are:


Jenny Murray

Emily Birch

Lora Wyn-Taylor

Heledd Roberts

Sophie Tilley

Suz Hughes



Cinder Cottage Crafts

We look forward to seeing you on the 9th!