Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cath Kidston Tapestry Chair

upholstery chair renovation cath kidston
Applying the Hessian and ties
furniture renovation, upholstery, cath kidston
The chair before...

upholstery cath kidston furniture chair
Horsehair layer
upholstery cath kidston furniture chair renovation upcycling

Finished chair in the studio with little blue chair 
chair furniture renovation, upholstery, cath kidston
The finished chair with Cath Kidston Tapestry seat.

Last week I finished this really lovely little tapestry covered chair, and forgot to blog about it! I just wanted to show you how a little chair can have a big personality. I cleaned and treated the wood, mended the wobbly joints, and gave it new webbing and stuffing. The tapestry had been done by the customer, and was a pattern from one of the Cath Kidston stitch books. The trim was from John Lewis and matched the wool colour perfectly. 

The one thing I would recommend if you are going to do a tapestry is to use a standing or handheld frame - this stops the canvas from becoming stretched out of shape by your hands. (And makes it much easier to apply to a chair if it's all square.) 
Tapestry can be a lot more fun than pictures of kittens in baskets (although if kittens in baskets is your thing - go for it!) I wanted to see if I could find a tapestry I would like to do and came across the amazing work of Charley Harper  Have a look at more of his beautiful illustrations turned into tapestries on the Purl Bee craft blog.  Imagine those beauties on a chair! 

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