Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Summer in the Attic : August & September

Little stools ready to be sent to the Harley Gallery
for their 50:50 makers exhibition
We were on the front of the Helfa Gelf Brochure...

...and had an action shot on the poster! 

Happy customers buying their first Laura's Attic stool.

After the Royal visit, I went back to the studio to create a couple of new pieces for the Harley Gallery who were having a showcase of makers work in their craft shop. I hope they have new homes now! 
Then it was all go, getting ready for Helfa Gelf whilst finishing off a couple of large commissions and organising cake orders with Birch Bakes of blog: ive got knits Who made these absolutely amazing cake toppers for the delish cakes she made. 

Cake Bunting! Yes!
We had about 150 ish people visit the Attic in September. We did a lot of chatting, a lot of cake eating and a lot of talking about chairs. It was fantastic! In case you didn't manage to make it and would like a visit, we'll be hosting a very special Christmas Shopping Open Weekend on Saturday the 15th December.

If you'd like to hear more about the goings on at the Attic including Workshop dates, new stock and open dates put yourself on the mailing list for details at my website link here: Laura's Attic 
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