Friday, March 1, 2013

Pop Up Shop - Popped!

Sophie Tilley gave me this lovely card to say 'Thanks'
Laura in a floral camouflage! 

Lora Wyn's beautiful enamel peices
Tilley Dolls

Mum's gingerbread hearts
Jen from Loglike with customers

creative cyanotypes from The Way To Blue
Loglike's Modern Welsh Lovespoon. 

Jenny Murray explaining her Ceramic making process
Crochet heart by Ann Blundell
The POP UP SHOP happened and it was amazing! 
A ton of effort went into the planning and organisation, but we can safely say it was well worth it.
I designed the flyers and had them printed by the wonderful Daydream Designs,  made gift bags  (which included hand-made mini bunting!) cakes, biscuits and tea and coffee were sorted, window display done, online adverts, e-mailouts and postal mailouts, workshops organised, booking stallholders, and of course, a LOT of hoovering and tidying my chaotic workshop, I was ready to open to the public. We had a fantastic turnout, and the stall holders all did really well. There was an excited buzz in the air all day, (mainly fuelled by mini cupcakes and pink lemonade!)

The planning has begun for POP UP SHOP II, but if it doesn't happen we've always got Helfa Gelf // Art Trail on in September. 

In case you missed the past post, the artists at the POP UP SHOP were:
Emily Birch (Thanks to Emily for the photos from the day: click here for the whole set)

Thanks to everyone who came and supported Laura's Attic, and the fab artists who took part. 

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