Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chairs, Bears and Big Mountains

So things in the Attic got quite hectic for a couple of months on the run up to our holiday, if you've been following the facebook page you would have seen the Before & Afters highlights of a few larger projects we took on.
Eventually after several weeks of manic upholstering, it was time for the HOLIDAY! (First one for a couple of years, hence the excitement) We were off to Calgary in Alberta, Canada to visit an old friend who has moved out there for work.
As the holiday was going to be for at least 3 weeks, I didn't think I could leave the world of twitter/facebook/instagram alone for all that time - especially as I have so many lovely followers who like to know what the news from the Attic is. (Plus its true, I am addicted) So I came up with the brief of 'A Chair a Day' to give me an easy way to document the journey, the sights and the activities.
Here are some of the highlights:
We're off! Happy about the tv screens in each seat.

Designer Seat

Meat seat

the best seat in the house

hot seat

Busman's holiday seat

Mid-Century Seat

Bear Chair

Park bench

Saddle (sore) seat

Car seat 

lakeside seat

Rocking chair

Weavers' seat

river seat

lazy hammock seat

The first week we spent exploring Calgary, and surrounding areas, Inglewood,  Drumheller (good for dinosaurs) Banff (good for bison burgers) and then we went off on a road trip. From Calgary, up to Jasper, Mount Robson, down to Clearwater , Kamloops, Kelowna, then along the US border to Nelson and Kootenay Lake. Up to Whiteswan Lake, then back down to Fernie and the Crowsnest Pass, then back up to Black Diamond and Calgary.
I'd have to write a small guidebook to detail all the wonderful things we did, the awesome sights and the really cool people we met. But briefly it included 4 bears, 3 moose, 2 golden eagles, 1 ferry, 6 waterfalls, lots of amazing artisans (particularly Barefoot Handweaving Studio ), too many burgers, (if you live in Calgary check out the Fine Diner in Inglewood) Half a million glass bottles at Boswell, 2 brilliant hosts and 1 trip to Accident and Emergency. Thanks Canada, you were amazing.

Really happy to be home, enjoying the sunshine and the rain. Back in the studio, working on my next projects and looking forward to the next holiday!

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